Pivot System

Maxi Royal

Maxi Royal gives you the best units in preventing water as it contains deviated water drainage channel, beside that it allows you to add mosquito screens for summer nights. 

It comes in various beautiful and smooth Collections, with options of co-extruded and laminated colors. 

Check the datasheet of high-quality Maxi Royal systems, you will find it the optimum!


With Elegans pivot units, your place is protected from heat, water, and dust, along with sound isolation that helps your employees to work with more concentration and perform better.

It also definitely fits your house by protecting your family from wind or dust and guarantees a heartwarming and disease-free home for your beloved ones.

Know more about Elegans units in the following datasheet.


Classic pivot units give you classy styles accompanied by a modern touch; plus, various features that don’t let anyone leave your place.

Enjoy prime sound isolation, high water avoidance, and heat insulation, to feel relaxed and reach inner peace.

Classic units’ technical features are in the following datasheet, have a look and choose right!