The nature of the glass, the design, the colors and the number of layers, are among the most important specifications of the glass in the UPVC units. darfadar offers you multiple options for all specifications to buy your unique unit.

Types of Glass

darfadar provides three types of glass:








Layers of Glass

1. Single: It is only one pane of glass.
2. Double : Consists of two panes of glass separated by a vacuum; For stronger sound insulation
3. Triple : made of 3 layers

Colors of Glass

1. The transparent white glass: provides a very strong illumination of the place, it is suitable for working and studying.
2. Blue color: gives an aesthetic touch and calmness and helps to relax.
3. Brown: its harmonious reflection with sunlight creates a warm feeling in the place and gives the same effect as LED lighting in the morning!
4. Green color: Intertwined with daylight gives a refreshing feeling with different and comfortable lighting.


Crystal Brown



Thin golden Georgian

Georgian brown

Georgian White

Wide Georgian White

Georgian glass design

Georgian glass design adds an attractive aesthetic touch to doors and windows, horizontal and vertical bars installed on the glass in UPVC windows or doors, and it is of two types.

1. The thin profile is in white, beige, silver or gold.
2. The thick sector and its colors: white, beige, wood or gold.

Customize Your UPVC Glass