UPVC doors and windows accessories from drafadar are characterized by strength and durability to match the size and weight of the units with complete flexibility; They are responsible for the entire efficiency of the units.


Protruding handles: Like a regular door handle, the lock is by moving vertically or horizontally, and it can be equipped with a kallon and a key to provide higher security in closing the window or door.

Hidden handles: It’s hidden in the window or door frame and allows the shutter to have a full range of movement.

Hand Handle

Hand Handle 3

Hand Handle 2

Submersible Handle


It makes you enjoy nature as it allows you to ventilate and enter sunlight, and prevents insects from entering, and they are of two types:

Sliding wire: to be with doors and windows in the sliding system.

Plisse wire: to be with pivot doors and windows, and can be used with tractors as well. The wire from darfadar is resistant to rust and corrosion, withstands changing weather conditions, and with very narrow openings that allow air to pass through without insects.

Safety locks

It may be attached to the door frame or window, or to the handles.

Model 1

Model 2

Model 3

Anti-Rust Protection

Metal circles protect the inner metal structure from rust and corrosion as they prevent any dirt or water from seeping in.

Grey Brushes

A small brush is installed in the chassis of the units to prevent the entry of dirt, dust and small insects.

The Rubber

It is a black rubber tire that is installed in the frames of the units and is responsible for sealing the units.

Rubber 1

Rubber 2


The most important feature is flexibility. It’s designed to support the weight of the units; It is also anti-corrosion and rust.

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