Sliding System


darfadar Elegans Sliding keeps your place calm and comfortable, because of its ability to isolate up to 33 dB of noise, and with TPE gaskets, your room is always clean and healthy. Elegans Sliding is very smooth, and does not disturb you while opening or closing!

Elegans Sliding fits your room with its colors and shapes.

Start your noise-free life with Elegans Sliding!

Maxi Riviera

Maxi Riviera provides you with the perfect thermal, sound, and water isolation thanks to its 

3-chambered system. With the wooden designed laminated applications, you will have stunning designs for your place. 

Check Maxi Riviera specs and get the classy finishing for your place.


Classic Sliding units from darfadar suit the elegance of your rooms, chambers, and halls. It helps you to relax in your bedroom, concentrate in your office, and keep all places purified and germ-free. Classic Sliding matches all decorations and interiors, you only need to choose the dimensions and colors!

Have a look at the Classic Sliding datasheet and discover its spectacular features!

Maxi Magestic

Maxi Magestic collection is a decorative and economic sliding system, that is a practical solution for your place. It comes in a wide range of lamented colors that make it a good choice for any room. It also resists water, fire and rust.

Be practical with Maxi Magestic and have a calm place.